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Saw IV and V?

SawIII.jpgYes, there is talk that there's a fourth and fifth planned in the Saw series, man these films keep going up and down (see what I did there?). The star of the films, Tobin Bell has admitted that he's signed up for both these films, and confirmation comes in the form of rumours that multiple writers are already working on the fourth film.

From Bloody Disgusting and quoted from JoBlo:

Tobin Bell's apparently been saying that he's signed on for both SAW IV and SAW V with the folks over at Bloody Disgusting revealing that there's already multiple writers working on story arcs for a fourth and possibly fifth installment.

Okay, I do believe they could carry this one off, but they have to keep it fresh, and by that I do not mean just throwing in new fiendish traps. They have to think of some unique hooks for why it all keeps going and what end game there might be. Of course you're talking to someone who hasn't even seen the second one yet...so what do I know. Could they pull this off for another two films?




honestly, my friend. : ) You'll enjoy it. good fun to be had. and a cute twist at the end.

Heehee...I know, I know. I WILL see it beforehand. Blame my mate Lee who has been promising me the DVD for what seems like years!

I might have to drive round his house and just take it!

Gee mogulus, you're cute when you start screaming like that! :D For a while there I thought, what the h...???

Yes, first & foremost you must see Saw II. Secondly, after seeing Saw III this past weekend, I wonder how they could pull off Saw IV, nevermind going into Saw V. Yes, they are making a nice amount of money from the horror series but there comes a point where you have to know when to stop pushing you limits. Maybe Saw IV is possible, if written very creatively & fresh, I'll probably go see it because I am a big fan of the series. I just hope it doesn't destroy the franchise.

I have to agree with you, Jessica. I saw Saw III this weekend and was very pleased with it being the final installment in a fantastic trilogy. This is the first I've heard of a 4 and even more silly, a 5. I can hold my breath for a very well written 4th installment, but a 5th is way too unrealistic.

Ok now, are you all just talking about your imaginary sources that say that Tobin Bell has admitted that he's signed up for two other films? Facts and links to where this information is located would be essencial.

Essencial? Ah, essential!

Follow the link trail then.

Saw IV was anounced on the news just a few days ago

I've seen SAW III yesterday... first I must say that I am a fan of those movies. The first one got me shocked, the second one, though I found it maybe less surprising after you know the "style writting" and that you have highly doubts that there will be a surprising end, was still pretty good, and the third one well it was maybe a little less psychologic and a little more "I-thought-of-a-lot-of-new-ways-to-torture-people-so-I-will-put-as-much-as-I-can-in-the-movie" but it was still the good old saw stuff. I see everywhere that they are talking about a fourth and fifth... I think if they do that, it would be more for money than anything else... but if a fourth really gets out, I'll surely go see it anyway =)

Well according to http://www.hollywood.com/news/detail/id/3575797 which got their information from www.moviehole.net (I do not know the specific link, but if you searched you could find it) it's supposedly going to be a prelude. I'm pretty hyped myself, but I'm always optimistic about these things *chuckles*

SAW 1, 2, & 3 SUCKED!!!! I mean how stupid can someone be. I would have stayed in the bathroom and keep my foot. Someone could have eventually found me. Same with chick with the jaw mask. Dont care if I slobber all the time, I would have let it rip my jaw out. Ok, now for Saw 2. The dude could have just stuck the stupid knife in his eye and get the stupid key. BLEH! Why would you look into a little peep hole and see wuts in it? how random!!! The oven guy could have just took one and crawled out. STUPID GEEZER! The needle pit..I would have jumped out...poked the big mexican dude in the eye, and pushed him in. !!!! the box trap. I would have cut my self the first time i put my arm in. so i would just keep the other out and struggle er something. SAW 3...I would have let everyone DIE!!!!! They deserved it!!!!! SAW SUCKS. Its not no horror. there nuthing horror about it. Its just a suspensful Drama/Crime/ Thriller. You want horror...Watch Freddy, Jason, Michael, Pinhead, Chucky, Leprechaun, Carrie, Telitubbies, or spongbob. THATS TRUE HORROR!!!!:Now wut I just typed is something someone had posted on another site.

People like this....make me mad.

To the person above me...
If you don't like this series, there's no use posting on a topic about them. :|

And I like Chucky, Pinhead, Jason, Freddy, Michael, etc. aswell as Jigsaw. Jigsaw is basically a modern 80's slasher, in the sense that it is going to have a seemingly endless amount of sequels. I think four is a bit too much, but if they can make it as clever as part one or as fun as part three...then it hopefully won't be so bad.

I agree to say that saw is not a horror film installment, its just a dark thriller!! A damn good one!! I loved all 3 movies!! Seriously I can't wait for the fourth one or even the fifth one!

I agree. The first three are awesome. I would like it so much better if they just left it at the trilogy and not a quadrilogy or a...uh...five movied one. Anyway, with the ending of the third, I don't understand how they could make a fourth, but whatever. And this time, I'm definitely seeing it in theatre. I read a comment that Saw III was better than the first two combined, and as a sequel, I didn't believe it. Now I do. The fourth one better be better than the first three combined.

Okay, I'm sorry for the first two comments on the films, I'm just bored! :) Right now I am in my Web Page Building class, so yeah. I'm not gonna talk about anything related to the films, well maybe. But I have seen all three. And I love all three, ((Order from best to least favorite)) --- (( Saw III, Saw, Saw II )) Saw II wasn't that great, It just felt like it was made by no one from the first film, the 3rd one was just full excitement and humour. I lauighed with my girlfriend at the pig part thing, and all those guts getting thrown on that old dude. hahahaha, it was great. I don't understand how there can be a 4th film, especially a fifth with how they ended the third, but I can't wait to see 'em.

i just watched 3 and i seriously have no idea how they can make a four maybe [Richard - Sorry, there's a big spoiler in there so I've removed it.].... i love the saw movies and i think they should pull off as many of them as they can!

Well it is possable to do u a Saw IV if u watch and listen to the last 10-15 of Saw III you might be able to hear what jigsaw says to that jeff guy at the end movie.What come on what really happend to the detective it show in Saw III but u dont know what really happend after that.

hey dumb ass (eric from last post) i hope english master language talk before think you freakin' tard! i would rather swim in a pool of needles before i would want to read any more comments from you. it is possable (oh and this is not how you spell possible dumb ass) u r can't think or write u see u r stupid! anyway folks...the genious behind these movies has managed to actually create something worth paying $20 for a movie ticket and snacks. so every time a new saw movie comes out, get of your asses and go watch it so they keep making more...thanks...it's all i have.

For you retards who dont know a damn thing about movies.. there is a difference between slasher films and horror..childs play, halloween, nightmare on elm st., friday the 13th, and whatnot oh and by the way. for the retards jody and thesis its called SAW not jigsaw and SAW isnt a 80 slasher.the listed are slasher films .. horrors would be the original as in dracula and whatnot.and thasis no need to lie about what you wrote its your problem your a dumbass "teletubbies and spongebob" real horrifying and plus im not gonna brag but most people come to me when they need SAW info cause i know almost everything to know about the franchise cause ive studied it on the weekends..hope i made a point for you fakes. jigsawkid5 is my screenname fools.

Hi, ok in Saw III, in the end Jigsaw/John said in order for you to get your daughter back, you'll have to play a game,wich is why Saw IV is going to happen, that dude that slashed Jigsaw/Johns throught is missing his daughter in Jigsaws house of horror, but apperantly Jigsaw is not dead though, from what Tobin Bell said. Amanada might be in the IV one but only for falshbacks for part II and how they set up the game, Saw V, well I dunno what will happen!

I enjoy the Saw series very much. Though I do not know how to place it in a genre (Horror, ultra gory). And please do not flame the series. If you do not like it, please don't complain.

Saw 4 rocks, my older brother took me to see it, because he works at the local theater. I won't give anything away, but it blows away II and III.

Also, Jigsaw owns..plain and simple. He's a flipping genius. Better than a knife-wielding maniac.

Plus, you wouldn't have been found, because at the end of Saw 1, you would have gotten shot.

Would you cut your eye out? I think not...

She got thrown in there...

He didn't know about the oven...

And regarding the traps in Saw 3, sure they deserved it, but it was a test to see if he could forgive the innocent people. And the actual murderer.

do u have watch the first few series to understand saw IV????????

I don't think so, but it would be better and build the tension more for you.


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