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Scott reveals Blade Runner 25th Anniversary release

RidleyScott.jpgThere's a Ridley Scott interview online and in it he talks about the new version of Kingdom of Heaven that he's about to release and talks about some of the additions to the film. However the most interesting thing is talking about the new Blade Runner cut for the 25th anniversary re-release.

In the interview he says that next September a four disc set will be released which will contain the film re-digitised. It will be marginally longer, but he says he was quite happy with the film originally. Interestingly he didn't really care about the voiceover or the mountains, what he really cared about is the ending. He wanted it to end in the elevator with the knowing look at the item in his hands.

He also reveals the truth about Deckard and what he knew at the end of the film. For those of you who haven't seen the film (and I can't believe you haven't) and want the ending to remain a secret then don't watch the interview which is over at STV [WMV] from their article.



I love Blade Runner, and now we know the truth (or director's intention)!

Right, then I can still add it on my rental queue before the re-release next year.

This is the most anticipated DVD edition in the last years. If new formats come and DVD must die, it should be with this wonderful release.


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