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Scottish SciFi The Planet on TV

ThePlanetPoster.jpgA little while ago I wrote about the stunningly surprising trailer for The Planet, a film made entirely in Scotland with Scottish money and Scottish actors (and without Scottish Screen). I just watched the film yesterday and I have to say it lives up to the trailer and more. Now news comes that the film is to be shown on Sky TV's Propeller TV channel on Sunday the 14th of October at 11pm!

Not only will the film be shown, but it will be followed by the making of documentary. Now I've seen it and I'd rate this the best making of documentary I have ever seen. I am not joking. Want to know about the ins and outs of productions, the problems, the team work, what people are really like? This is the documentary to see, and Hollywood should take note of how well they've made it. I'm going to try and get my review written in the next few days so you can share in the excitement.

The news of the TV showing comes from Film Rotation. You can visit the official site of Stirton Productions to read more about The Planet, buy a copy, and read about their new film:

Stirton Productions is now looking for investors or commercial backing for its latest project, Viking Burial (a romantic comedy adventure set in modern day Scotland). Any interested parties should contact Mark Stirton.

Sounds utterly bizarre and a total departure for them, but if it's anything like The Planet it'll be superb.



Ach, and I dont have tv! Better ask my friend who also loves sci-fi to record it for me. Crumbs.

Well, I have a thing for SF (my main genre interest) and a thing for Scotsmen. So, this is really up my alley. Only I don't have this Sky TV.

Durn it!

I must go in search of this trailer.



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