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Scottish thriller Red Road gets five nominations

RedRoad_Poster.jpgThe Scottish thriller Red Road took the Jury Prize at Cannes and has now been nominated for five British Independent Film Awards pitching it against The Last King of Scotland and The Queen which are also up for five awards.

The film is a thriller set in a Glasgow block of flats which tells the story of a CCTV operator who sees someone appear on one of the cameras from her past. Kate Dickie stars as the CCTV operator and Tony Curran as the unwelcome character, both Glaswegian actors.

According to The Scotsman the film is up for best film, best actress, best actor, best supporting actor and best debut director for Andrea Arnold.

The film was made for a cool GB£1million and is just receiving it's Scottish premiere. Unfortunately I couldn't make it to a press screening yesterday which was hugely disappointing, but I hope to catch it over the weekend and give you a review.



The plot sounds chilling.


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