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Se7en prequel movie

Se7en.jpgThis news is not to be confused with that of the announcement of the prequel comic as it appears that a prequel film is in development right now, and the title is Virtue. It will look into the events prior to Se7en with the big revelation showing us it is in fact the prequel.

I don't think that's a revelation at all as you know damn fine that the film will be sold on the strength of Se7en. There's no other word at all about the script or any progress on development, all the news so far is that the treatment is out for script writers and there's one in the hands of Bloody Disgusting. They promise a full review once they have read it, so when they do I'll check through for spoilers and give you the spoiler free view.

Interestingly this coincides with the news of a prequel comic book which looks at the serial killer and how he killed his seven deadly sins victims, but that's not all there is, remember the vast array of hand written journals that the police found? Surely there's gallons of material to be had out of that?

Could this be another worthwhile prequel\sequel we've heard about today?



I'm a huge fan of "Se7en" and it would be pretty interesting to see a prequel about the killer. I hope they attempt to get Fincher on this if it is to develop into a film.

"Could this be another worthwhile prequel\sequel we've heard about today?"



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