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See Casino Royale early in the UK

CasinoRoyale_Poster.jpgIn the UK? Want to see Casino Royale two days before everyone else and help a superb charity at the same time? Of course you do! Thanks to Vue Cinemas and Barbara Broccoli you can.

There are thirty six cinemas across the UK that will be showing the film at charity screenings. For a mere £10 (£15 in central London) you will get to see the film early and £5 of your ticket cost will be passed to the charity MediCinema. For those of you who don't know, MediCinema builds spanking new, state of the art cinemas in hospitals to try and bring some escapism to those living through lengthy stays in medical treatment.

I'm thinking about buying a couple of tickets (yes I still do pay to see movies too you know) for the cinema in Edinburgh and seeing Casino Royale on the 15th of November, the night after the world premiere.

You can read more about MediCinema at their official site, and the front page has the booking form for tickets for the screenings. The story comes through The Scotsman.



Ahhhhh, if only I can take somebody with me. 007 films are great to watch with boys. :D


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