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Shepard plays A-Bomb pilot

SamShepard.jpgRemember The Right Stuff? Sam Shepard was superb in that, and I did love that film, especially the urinating in the suit moment. Now Shepard is going to be returning to the American hero of flight role as the pilot who flew reconnaissance to give the go ahead for the dropping of the Atomic Bomb on Hiroshima, and this role looks set to be much more dramatic.

The film is based on the tale of Claude Eatherly, the actual pilot who carried out the mission, and it appears it will deal with more than just the event, but also what happened afterwards. According to The Hollywood Reporter through Empire his father committed himself to a psychiatric hospital after the weight of what his son had done became too much for him.

Sandy Smolan is set to direct and he says:

It's one of the great untold stories...He was one of the top pilots in the Air Corps, an all-American Texas hero. It's a dark comedic tale about the bomb and personal responsibility. When the nuclear bomb was used, the world was irrevocably changed in ways that we are just beginning to understand. That was 60 years ago...The film questions the unchecked power of governmental authority, an issue as important today as it was when Claude was trying to get into trouble in 1950s Texas.

Sounds interesting, although when he says comedic I hope it's not going to be too comic and that the focus is still on the dramatic weight of how this affected him and others around him.



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