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Simon Pegg's Big Nothing trailer online

SimonPegg.jpgThe trailer for the next Simon Pegg film is online, and the film has him sporting an American accent, without his usual sidekicks, and starring next to such names as Mimi Rogers, Natascha McElhone and David Schwimmer.

It's a tried and tested idea, it seems from the trailer anyway. As three hapless people, struggling for a living, turn to a seemingly simple blackmail plot. However it's quick to see that everything soon goes wrong.

Solace in Cinema points the way to the trailer which you can either navigate to through the Pathe film site, or see directly in flash format.

There are a couple of cool lines and moments, and there is a good setup. I'm interested to see if Schwimmer can ditch the Friends character after his time on stage. It'll also be good to see if Pegg can stand alone without his friends. From the trailer you might think both could be the case.



Schwimmer still looks like Ross to me.


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