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Site Comments: Back Online

The comments will be back online in a moment. Filmstalker was attacked by some highly intelligent, well motivated, extremely mature and very good looking spammers (Scottish sarcasm) and so my superb hosting company disabled the commenting before it got out of hand.

They're just bringing it back online and I suspect we'll be running in a matter of minutes. Thanks for your patience and apologies for the inconvenience.

Just so you know I've been at a Learning conference the last two days so updates haven't been very timely. Back to normal tomorrow.

Take care, Richard.

Update: We are back online. Comment away.

Update: Famous last words. Someone is really trying to bring the site down. I've had to shut off the comments script temporarily because the attacks are happening again. I can't understand why someone wants to bring down the site so much. Update soon.

Update: Back in business. Junk filter updated and spam traced to a set of servers. If it picks up again the details will be passed to that company and I'll blanket ban them.



And I thought it has something to do with my network where I work.

Welcome back Filmstalkers! :D

Ever thought about adding some kind of captcha to the comment submittal? Surely MovableType has a plugin or something you could use. Not sure if that would stop a denial of service attack like this, but it still might be worth a look.

Hey hap (still have your email to reply to - getting to it). I have thought of something similar, or IP flood plugins, etc. However they are quite restrictive on the reader I find. What do you guys think?

The only captcha that has ever bothered me has been Slashdot. Their images border on unreadable occasionally. Simple, random math problems, readable images (like GoDaddy, for instance), etc. don't bother me at all. My understanding is that on Slashdot if you register, you don't have to deal with the captcha so that might be another way you can approach it for the regulars on this site.

I just know from personal experience with one client that this kind of stuff can wear you down after a while. And, I wasn't having to deal with a hosting company or bandwidth caps so it was probably a lot less aggravation in my case.

Thanks Hap. I'll go and look into it and see what it would all involve.


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