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Film Two Stars

This is a short film based on a very simple idea and the use, to great affect, of the viewers imagination, something that is missing from so many Hollywood films these days.

It looks at a man who awaits the arrival of another. This man is a courier who has an item which he has obtained and is required to deliver to the second man. When they finally meet the item is opened and events begin to mysteriously change.

I've really taken a liking to short films ever since seeing the Dead by Dawn Horror Film Festival this year. There were a number of handpicked short films which were shown, and some were astonishing in what they managed to portray. So I was much keener to see what Skrypt had to offer after having my eyes opened at the festival.

It's based on a very simple idea and using a typical tool of the cinema, the McGuffin, and for the most part, the story is very good.

It builds tension quite well and keeps it running through most of the film. However the final sequences are quite confusing and seem to take a step slightly too far removed from the original concept. It's almost as if the idea was explored a little too much, and by a little I mean by about thirty to sixty seconds.

The scenes of the two men seated together are good, slightly overplayed at times, but for the most part the characters are played well.

It's well filmed with some interesting and effective use of camera angles as well as strong post production techniques. There are some nicely shot moments in the film and they do show a lot of promise. Indeed, it will be interesting to see how these filmmakers fared on their next project.

The DVD carries a couple of other extras. One is a side by side, split screen comparison of the film pre and post post-production. This is really informative and does show the work that's gone into the film after it has been shot.

There's also an audio commentary and a behind the scenes feature. However both are in the native language of the filmmakers, German, and my German is non existant so unfortunately I can't review these.

Overall the idea is strong, the filming is very well done and the excution of the story onscreen is strong. However there are a few moments in the latter half of the film which are overplayed and the ending does seem to go too far, and becomes slightly confusing, yet it delivered the story well.

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This sounds cool. I might order myself this from Sazuma. I'm also interested in shorts, and am looking to get the British short films dvd, from the Cinema 16 collection.


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