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Snuff Movie trailer online

The trailer for Snuff-Movie is online, and it promises a lot. Directed by Bernard Rose and carrying a very powerful theme and blurb, it is perhaps surprising that it is now receiving a UK release

I caught this at the Dead by Edinburgh International Film Festival last year and it was far from an enjoyable, or good, film. Perhaps it has since received a recut and rework to sort out the issues I found with it, but could that have raised the zero stars I gave it? Here's my review of the film.

Over at JoBlo they are excited about the blurb:

Boris Arkadin (Jeroen Krabbe), the once infamous horror moviemaker, has lived for years as a recluse after the brutal murder of his wife. Now he plans his come back. Wendy (Lisa Enos), Pamela (Teri Harrison), Jack (Joe Regan) and Matt (Sharif Rosales-Webb ) are auditioning for Boris's latest feature.

They stay at Boris's house for extended auditions; but are they being watched? As the movie starts filming Wendy, Pamela, Jack and Matt enter a twisted world of horror, pain, humiliation and perversity. But how far will Boris take the film to keep it realistic? And who is the Man with the Movie Camera?

It does sound good doesn't it? However if you check out my review you might be thinking differently. It's a confused mess of a movie that doesn't really offer much in either horror, story, or filmmaking. Very disappointing.

Here are the trailer links if you want to see what it's all about:

What do you think?



From the trailer, it struck me as being vaguely reminiscent of My Little Eye...


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