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Spider-Man 3 fourth villain debunked?

Spiderman3.jpgApparently the rumour of the fourth villain in Spider-Man 3 is kind of right, and kind of wrong. There are spoilers in this post so for all of you who don't want to know, please look away now.

Appearing in the film itself is a short skit where a filmmaking team are making a film about Spider-Man, with me so far? On that crew are Avi Arad and Sam Raimi as producer and director - isn't that bizarre? - as well as one other cameo. Bruce Campbell will play Quentin Beck, and of course we all know who he is don't we?

Well I didn't. I had to look up Wikipedia's entry for Spider-Man and then find that he is the alter-ego of Mysterio. Shame on me.

The story comes from Film Ick who managed to get the word from someone they deem as a reliable source. Brendon tells us that this is as far as the Mysterio story goes, which I love. I think it's great that there are little nods and characters from the Spider-Man universe peppered around the films. Maybe one day they'll make it to the screen in full baddie guise, maybe they won't, but the fact they are there makes it a richer experience for the fans.



Maybe Mysterio won´t show up yet. So far, we have seen Dr. Connors and no traces of Lizard. This will be a long movie saga, it´s obvious.


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