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Spiderwick Chronicles cast grows

SpiderwickChronicles.jpgThe cast is expanding on The Spiderwick Chronicles with Nick Nolte, Martin Short, Joan Plowright, Izabella Miko, Andrew McCarthy and Mary-Louise Parker announced just today.

According to Empire they will be playing:

Mary-Louise Parker is currently negotiating to play the three central kids’ mother, who sends them to live with family after suffering exhaustion following a difficult separation from her husband (Andrew McCarthy)...

...Nick Nolte and Martin Short, who will voice supernatural creatures Mulgrath, an evil shape shifter looking to snatch the kids and Thimbletack/Bogart a creature that can protect or disrupt a household, depending on its mood. Joan Plowright will play the children’s’ aunt, who’s packed off to an asylum because she – and no one else – can see the creatures...

...The Foresaken’s Izabella Miko, cast as the leader of a group of elves.

With David Strathairn already announced it's looking like a solid cast with some strong highlights. I have to say I like Miko as an elf, have you seen her face? She's perfect.



I used to have a BIG crush on Andrew McCarthy, Pretty in Pink/Fresh Horses era, I wonder how he looks like right now?

I had no idea they were making a movie for the Spiderwick book, my daughter will be so excited. She read the first three a couple of years ago and really enjoyed them.

Perfect Meli - want to give us a run down of the story from your daughter?


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