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Stephen Fry leaves Bafta

FryLaurie.jpgThe news from the BBC that Stephen Fry is to leave the Baftas as its six year long host is terrible for the Award ceremony. It is one of the most watchable award shows there is, well above that of the Oscars in recent years that's for sure.

His humility combined with a sharp wit, dry and sarcastic comedy, and his irreverent view of the stars and showbusiness around it has led to some hilarious moments and a truly enjoyable show. I personally think that he's one of the best stage and screen performers that Britain has, and we should certainly see more of him.

The media are suggesting that Jonathan Ross would be a possible candidate for the role, now that would be nice if he were forced to present an award for Clerks II. Take it away Mr Smith!

I think this is a sad day for the award show, and it will certainly mean that they will have to look to something more than a host to bolster audience figures, for I really do believe that no one could carry the style and humour as well as Stephen Fry has.

Well done to you Mr Fry, and good luck with whatever you are doing next. I hope that it's on either side of a film camera.



Oh no! The reason I love watching the BAFTAS is because of Mr. Fry - he will be missed for sure. Lets just hope whoever replaces him has got the same class.

I'm not a Brit, but I just love Mr. Fry. He's just a lovely, lovely man..funny, witty, and just likable.

Maybe he can come be in an American TV show the way Hugh Laurie is. (Oh, and I do adore Mr. L, too!)


Mir: Yeah I love my Hugh Laurie, just ordered House M.D. on DVD yesterday!


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