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Stephen Susco turns director

StephenSusco.jpgIf you don't know who Stephen Susco is, you should. He's a very talented writer and is listed on the Filmstalker Filmmakers Feed List (I should have called that Form!). He's responsible for writing the two US Grudge screenplays and has Zero Dark Thirty and Dibbuk Box on his slate. Now he's set to turn director in his latest work.

Despite what you might think of the Grudge films he's managed to take a very complicated and intensely personal vision of an Asian film, a film from an entirely different culture something which is apparent throughout the script, and make it accessible to a western audience. Now you might think that this is me going back on my "don't remake Asian films" stance, but it's not. The Grudge's are some of the best jobs to date, and for that Susco should be acknowledged. I'm not saying that's carte blanche to rewrite everything out there.

Anyway, back to the point in hand. Susco is set to direct his first feature which he'll also write. White is the film version of a novella by Tim Lebbon in the collected works called White and Other Tales of Ruin. Quite simply it is a tale of people trapped in a blizzard and systematically picked off by mysterious creatures. It's apparently, according to Variety through Coming Soon, an apocalyptic tale. Woo!

You know the simple tales are often the best. I'm really looking forward to this. Susco seems like a great talent, and I'm interested in his next two films before we get to White.



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