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Subway Vampires and Saw III gore

SawIII.jpgTwo quick stories. Blood on the Tracks is a new comic book which hasn't yet been written, the story sounds familiar to tales such as Mimic and Creep, but it's hardly fair to judge it on the short blurb we've heard.

According to The Hollywood Reporter through Yahoo News the story...

...revolves around a series of killings in the New York subway system. While at first it is thought to be the work of a serial killer, it later is revealed that the murders are the work of a vampire who has been living in the tunnels of the city from the days when it was still New Amsterdam.

Well nothing that exciting there, but perhaps the comic will deliver an added twist?

On the topic of Saw III, there's a new clip online and it comes with a warning, it's gory and shows the hardcore-ness (if that were a word) of the film. You can see it over at HorrorMovies.ca, if your Windows Media Player plays it, unfortunately when mine is embedded in a web page it stinks.



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