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Superb Deviant Machinima online

PCScreen.jpgA while ago I wrote about this cool Machinima short film that had just been shown at the Tribeca Film Festival. Deviation is a short film about characters in a team based first person shooter, and while the team members go about their mission, Macintyre (one of the team) feels there's something strange going on.

I have to tell you what drew me to this short was the superbly conceived idea of an online character gaining his own identity, that there was something more to them than just the brief moments when we pick them up. It's very clever and superbly done with the tools available. Very innovative filmmaking. It uses the CounterStrike game, and four online players as the actors. Innovative stuff.

Well last time I talked about it there was no real viewing to speak of, and the one I saw was quickly gone. Now the director Jon Griggs of Hard Light Films has emailed me and told me that all the legal issues are sorted the whole short is online at Atom Films for you to watch. Seriously, if you have a few moments you should watch this, it's very clever.



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