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Superman Returns sequel a go?

SupermanReturns_Poster.jpgIf you remember back word was that there would be no Superman Returns sequel unless the takings broke US$200million domestically, despite Bryan Singer saying that he wanted to do it, this was the studio requirement before a sequel would be greenlit. Well it's happened, and just.

It took second runs and two dollar showings to get it over the mark, but according to Superhero Hype it did it...just.

...this weekend, earning $173,000 to bring its total to $200,006,305 after 117 days in release.

Phew, that was close. I remember when it opened in Scotland, we were experiencing a sweltering weekend of weather and the cinema was practically empty, however you would have expected people to flood into see it during the week and the following weekend. I'm amazed that this barrier wasn't broken ages ago.

Still the news is good. Singer says yes and now so do the money men. Does that mean Jude Law is on for Zod?



It was the timing of it all that hurt SR's box office returns. When they showed it in the UK, they should have thought not to release it just after Pirates of the Caribbean 2 which did a killing at the box office as we know despite it being really just a so-so film. I mean I saw SR twic in the cinema, the 2nd viewing on its 3rd week but people are still queueing up for Pirates, well on its 4th week! Oh well, they did it and this is a welcome news because I'd really like to see Routh fly again.

I have really enjoyed Bryan Singer's take on comic books so it's awesome that he's allowed to do another superman. While Superman Returns wasn't my favorite movie of the summer, it was enjoyable and well done. I hope that there is an addition of Zod or some other really cool baddie (brainiac).


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