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Superman Returns sequel with big baddie?

SupermanReturns_Poster.jpgWe already heard that Superman Returns had broken the magical barrier of US$200million which was said to have been imposed by the studio as the level after which a sequel would be made, well now word comes that the studio themselves have announced that there will be a sequel.

According to IESB.net through Superhero Hype they have called a number of their studio insiders and received confirmation. Not only that but they've been told that the budget has to be lower.

Previously it ran at US$208million, this time around the budget is expected to be in the region of US$140-175million. Not that much of a difference, but is it something that's likely to affect who and what we see in this sequel?

Personally all I can hope for is that there's no more of the Superboy thread. For me that would be a complete killer. IESB.net bring us more revelations that Superman will battle one of the ultimate in the D.C. universe baddies and that there's going to be loads more action in this film. All that and with a reduced budget? I wonder where the cuts will come from?



The budget reduction could be done on the marketing campaign, which was surpirisingly expensive in the first one.

Otherwise, it´s great news. I wanna see Routh fighting against a real badass like Doomsday or else.

Funny how the new saga follows the patter of the original.


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