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Tamblyn in lift horror

AmberTamblyn.jpgAmber Tamblyn is moving from The Grudge 2 to another horror, this one has quite an interesting premise and takes advantage of the fears of a few people - lifts, enclosed places, strangers and oh let's chuck in a dying family member at the same time!

The plot of Blackout, according to The Hollywood Reporter through Coming Soon revolves around a group of people stuck in a lift for 24 hours. Tamblyn plays a woman who is rushing her dying grandmother to hospital, she is on the brink of death. Unfortunately in the lift is a psychotic killer, played by Aiden Gillen, and a teen "I'll provide the voice of doom and stupid panic moments" played by Armie Hammer.

It actually, despite the jokes, sounds like an interesting premise. Stuck in a lift is a great fear of many people, and adding some others will surely make for an uncomfortable film all round.



If only I was stuck in the elevator with David Duchovny (X-File hunk). Mmm,mmm,mmm....

I really liked Amber Tamblyn after seeing her in the "Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants". I also saw The Grudge II trailer yesterday before they screened The Departed and I must say it looked creepy. I only saw the Japanese version of this film though, now I might have to rethink whether to see the American version.


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