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Terence Howard confirmed for Iron Man

IronMan_Poster.jpgA couple of short news items. First up it is confirmed that Terence Howard is in Iron Man, see Filmstalker back on 1st of August.

...the role that Howard has been offered is that of James Rhodes, good friend of Tony Stark who is set to inherit the suit and role of Iron Man and eventually becomes known as War Machine (almost wrote Wart Machine!) when Stark dawns the persona again.

The confirmation is all over the web, but I just grabbed it from UK IGN.

Well he got the role and he's set for the film. This puts a huge cast on for Iron Man already, Robert Downey Jr. and Howard, two first class actors. Now that's a very positive message already. Surely this has to be the sign of a strong character based film?



With Downey's charismatic appeal and brilliance, I might end up loving this new superhero.

I was deeply moved by his performance in 'Crash'. I hope Hollywood will take advantage of Howard's exceptional talent and start giving him a leading role. He's a pleasure to watch.


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