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Terminator 4 direction revealed

Terminator.jpgOne of the writers of Terminator 4, Michael Ferris, has revealed some of the elements of the fourth film in the series and where Arnie stands in it all.

According to Entertainment Weekly through Coming Soon:

"'Terminator 3' kind of closed the book on Schwarzenegger, as did his gubernatorial career,"..."You will learn about Skynet and what that postapolyptic future is like."

Is what Ferris said...and he's a writer? What is he talking about? Suffice to say Arnie is not written into the script by either he or the other writer, John Brancato. However directorial decisions might change that, and if Arnie comes at them with a wrench I'm sure as certain that they'd write him in!

There's news of Gale Anne Hurd not producing this time, which isn't good or bad news, although she was responsible for keeping the characters and story true along with James Cameron - where did they go wrong on the third?

What is the most worrying part for me is Jonathan Mostow. Yes he did great action sequences, but he didn't write the story positioning of the ending and the Terminator's role in it all, and when these were brought to the screen they were sandwiched in and dialogue raced through. It was terrible. Then there was that unforgivable comic moment with Arnie's Terminator. It's a wonder he didn't beat Mostow to death.

So, Mostow hasn't signed up yet for certain. I'm hoping things stay that way. What direction would you like the film to take? No Arnie? No Mostow? Who would you have direct?



It sounds exciting to me, I really wanna see that postapolyptic world.

Anyway, without Arnie? I can´t think of a proper substitute.

But I can think for a substitute for Mostow, who would be just perfect: John McTiernan.

Richard, I strongly disagree with you about Terminator 3. It WAS a tad bit spoofy in parts, of course, and more comical than I would have liked ( especially the "Hey look...let's laugh at the Terminator because It worked for Cameron ONCE" moments...) but Mostow did a really good job IMO...

...what would make a good Terminator now is if there's an EARLY model Terminator after John, but that it's not through time travel. Perhapse it would be interesting to see Terminators rising up from factories or from god knows where and eliminating specific people they see as threats. In other words, a witch hunt for people in charge...

...my point in this rambling is, of course that there's plenty of wiggle room in this franchise. It realy has a story that has at least one more film in it...

...and, just wanted to add that I really liked John Connor from Terminator 3...whatever the actor's name was whom played him did a KILLER job.

I can't see that any studio that wound fund this film would do so without Ahnuld being attached to it first. I don't think it'll happen without him, and unless he turns down the offer of the presidency that I suspect will be made to him one day, I can't see him resuming movie-making in a hurry. So I can't imagine the film being made any time soon, if at all.

Apparently Ridley Scott and Ang Lee were both scheduled to do the third film at different points. Maybe they'll get one of them on board for number four.

Hey James, he has some influential friends in the Senate and there's a bill in there from one of them about allowing non-US born citizens to become President, so don't joke about what you just might get!

Nick Stahl was the actors name if I remember rightly.

However I totally disagree Mogulus. The new Terminator did not need to speak to screen to reaffirm what we could see for ourselves, neither did we have to see repeated printouts appear on the inside of their eyes to tell us what was happening on screen.

That was just the start of it. The clever parts of the plot were pushed over and sped through, and there was the poorly created father-daughter relationship that was raced to for the critical point, it gones on.

I don't disagree the action was good, but that was it, a series of action sequences with the script squeezed in at three or four points between.

Makes me want to buy the Terminator DVD boxset now with this discussion!

All I can really remember was how very sexy Michael Biehn was. ;D

Your ideas are quite interesting, Mogulus. Since I saw the first Terminator, I always wanted to watch a movie about that war between the machines and men we only saw at the beginning. It could be a terrific movie.

Geek alert! Geek alert! :D


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