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The Cell gains strong writers

StephenKing.jpgStephen King's recent resurgence continues with the news of the scriptwriters assigned to The Cell, Eli Roth's next film after Hostel: Part Two and Scavenger Hunt complete.

Larry Karaszewski and Scott Alexander are, according to AICN, now onboard to adapt the screenplay for the Roth adaptation.

They're both pretty strong writers having such films as Ed Wood, The People vs. Larry Flynt, Man on the Moon and the upcoming King adapted 1408. That said, they have their stinkers. The Problem Child films and Agent Cody Banks being in there.

However you know that Roth won't be out of the process and that he'll make changes before and during his direction of the film. I do think we're in for something special, and maybe one of the best King films yet?



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