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The History Boys trailer and six clips online

HistoryBoys_Poster.jpgThere's an abundance of trailer options and clips for the film The History Boys online, and you can see them all here.

I hadn't really paid much attention to the film other than the write ups it was getting, all of which say that this adaptation of the multi award winning play is very good indeed. Seeing the trailer put the film in quite different light for me. This is about eight students who would have normally no chance of getting anywhere near Oxford and Cambridge, who are taken on by their teachers and groomed for the chance at these prestigious schools.

Actually you know, better to have a look at the trailer yourself and get the idea:

Now, if that's got you interested, have a look at the full story for six clips from the film...

Here's the first clip: The Exam Results:

The second clip: Meeting Irwin:

The third clip: The School Trip:

The fourth clip: The Headmaster and Mrs.Lintott Talk:

The fifth clip: Rudge Practices his Interview:

The sixth clip: The Interviews:

So, what do you think now? It's certainly different from what I expected, and in a much better way.



Gee whiz Richard!!! Filmstalker is like a one-stop shop with what youve done here!

Oh and I loved it! Since I have been catching up on my British films at the moment and for sure this will be in my to-watch- in-the-cinemas list!

I had the most wonderful time! It's hilarious and heartwarming. Now I just have to wait for it's return to the West End come December.

The company just finished touring Edinburgh last weekend Richard, too bad you missed it.



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