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The Host UK poster and trailer online

TheHost_Poster.jpgThe Host (reviewed) is a superb film, something that really blew me away at the EIFF this year, and that I thoroughly recommend seeing (select the title for my review). Now a new huge UK poster and the various trailers have been released online.

The trailers are through AICN who have the new poster for you to see, as well as all the different trailer links. Here are the key ones you'll need:

The Host trailer [QT:L]
The Host trailer [QT:M]

Anything else just isn't worth watching. Seriously, I do suggest you get yourself to see this when it is released in November, it's superb.



Ever managed to speak\read Korean since you reviewed this Richard? :D

Nope! I have been learning a little Mandarin though.

so richard, what do you think our chances of actually seeing this at a cinema in the UK will be - all fanfare and no delivery, thats these situations usually. maybe a couple of months down the line at a small arthouse cinema, but UCI / Showcase? Pfff.... wait to be proven wrong. I hope I am.

I know logboy, it's incredibly frustrating when it's announced that we're going to be given the chance to see these movies and then when release day comes they're in the smaller cinemas. Luckily there are two fantastic cinemas in Edinburgh that will host the Host, but for other towns and cities it'll be more difficult.

It's a chance though.

Did you know that the Government are assisting cinema chains to pay for digital upgrade if they show a certain percentage of non-hollywood movies? I don't know how this is being measured and enforced (probably not at all) but it should be forcing these kind of films to be shown.


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