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The Messengers trailer online

PangBrothers.jpgThe trailer for the Pang Brothers film The Messengers is online, and it has a couple of very cool effects and a couple of incredibly creepy scenes.

Recently we heard that the film was undergoing some serious reshoots by another unnamed director, and that was seriously worrying news, but going on the strength of the trailer I'd say it didn't really get hurt by it.

The Messengers is the Pang Brothers first English language Hollywood film and the question from many people, including myself, is can they pull off the transition to Hollywood where so many other foreign (particularly Asian) filmmakers have failed? The news of the reshoots doesn't bode well, but that trailer does.

The story is about a family who move into a sunflower farm which seems haunted by the previous occupants, and the only ones who can see them are the children...wooo...

You can see the trailer over at Apple Trailers [QT:H:M:S:HD:iPod] through Coming Soon. What do you think? A candidate for haunting moment in there?



Available for viewing only between 10 PM to 5 AM.

What is that all about?

Yeah, just change your PC clock and refresh the page.


I got goosebumps, this trailer surely freaked me out!


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