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The Persuaders gains writer

ThePersuaders.jpgThe Persuaders is a 1970's show that starred Roger Moore and Tony Curtis and there's been talk of a film version for some time, now it appears that a writer is assigned and the project is going ahead. Here's how IMDB describe the show:

English Lord Brett Sinclair and American Danny Wilde are both wealthy playboys, they are teamed together by Judge Fullton to investigate crimes which the police can't solve. These two men are complete opposites, but become great friends through their adventures and constantly risk their own lives for one another.

I've seen two episodes and as far as I can remember it was good fun, however it'll be interesting to see how they try and make it for film and if they can lose the camp aspect and ladel in some excellent chemistry and storyline, all of which were in the original series.

According to Variety through Empire, David Dorfman, who wrote Anger Management, is set to write this script. There's nothing mentioned about a director, hopefully there will be one, and they will be good too!

Has anyone seen The Persuaders and have they got any views on how it could make it to the big screen...and what it should most definitely avoid?



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