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Tim Story says Surfer is stunning

SilverSurfer.jpgTim Story is the director of Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer, and he's been very quiet on his MyMarketingSpace blog of late, however he's just appeared and said next to nothing, although...

Starting to see a lot of stuff from WETA on Surfer. Bad ass Ladies and Gentlemen. Trust me - digital is the way to go with this. You can't do this stuff for real.

Is the most interesting comment on his latest post. Suggesting full CGI because that's the only way it will work...well I hope the budget is big for the effects to make him look spot on and not some fluidy type thing rather than a real moving character. Wouldn't you love to see these early shots? I can't wait for something to get out.



imagining that it all works 100%, can you just see some of these shots coming off? The surfer fighting ( racing ) the human torch through a maze of skyscrapers, coming in for close combat to see the flames reflecting off the chrome?!

I remember when Marvel came up with this book called "Marvels" and Joe Jusiko painted every panel of the book to make it appear to be the marvel universe of the 60's through the eyes of a normal man...they showed how the fight between the FF and Galactus with the Silver Surfer would look in real life, and the painting was so realistic that I have to point you in the direction of it. Check it out. I'm doing a google search for you and if I find the panel I'm thinking of, I'll email it to you.

I'd scan it from the book itself but my collection is still in America and I'm in Australia...


here you go...this isnt the panel I was looking for but this is pretty much the gist of it. lol

Wow...that is nice stuff.


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