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Time Bandits remake, Long Good Friday sequel?!

LongGoodFriday.jpgThere's a rumour going around that not only is there a Time Bandits, a sequel to The Long Good Friday, and Whitnail and I is to become a stage play. Is someone in the the studio taking drugs?!

First up Time Bandits is a classic film, and I just can't see it working. They'd have to cut so much of what made it so appealing because it was just so out there. Then there's Long Good Friday, if you've seen it before then you might realise that there's not much of a sequel to be had, and actually it would just become another London gangster film - which isn't really a bad thing, but there are plenty of them about. Long Good Friday stood out, and still does. Then Whitnail and I on stage? Well actually, I can see that working. Drinking games and such in the audience?

Seriously, I just don't get the idea of a remake or sequel to either of these films, do you? The news comes from Bits of News, and they go into the depths of how busy Terry Gilliam is, how he's never mentioned this, and that there's just no way he would get involved.

Frankly I think both projects should be dumped, they're just brilliant as they are and any attempt at a remake, sequel or any of the other Hollywood words for making a fast buck, will just taint their image.



I couldn't imagine even entertaining the thought of going to see a remake of Time Bandits! (Should they attempt it) That movie is a part of my childhood, which I have passed down to my own daughter.

"Hollywood! Don't touch it! It's EVIL!"

Both of these are bad ideas, but the remake is colossally so. Just get Criterion to re-release Time Bandits with an anamorphic transfer, and let that be it. The original is all the world needs.

I have just added The Long Good Friday to my rental queue the weekend before last after having been converted as a fan of Dame Helen Mirren and also to see as much British films as I can. I remember seeing Time Bandits on tv but that's such a long time ago and it sure needs revisiting.

The Long Good Friday is possible the best British gangster film ever, you should really enjoy it Simone.

I just don't see a time Bandits re-make working, it's just such a Gilliam film, without him it will be pretty poor.

Anchor Bay UK put out a Time Bandits - 25th Anniversary Edition in August, I have to admit that when I re-watched it the other day as an adult it didn't hold up as well as I hoped, like say The Goonies does, but it was a great trip back to my childhood all the same.

Second that bullet - Long Good Friday is a superb film with some excellent scenes that just seem to define London Gangster films.

the long goodfriday is possible as you never knew if they killed harrod in the end but after such a long time since the original and the bad remakes of films of late i wouldnt advise a new one


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