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Turistas trailer online

MelissaGeorge.jpgA while ago a trailer for Turistas turned up and it looked quite good, now there's another new trailer arrived and it looks even more intriguing. It seems to mix quite a few different films together, but there's a strong idea through the film of people kidnapped and lost in a foreign country.

You can see the trailer for Turistas over at the MyMarketingSpace page for the film...I mean for one of the characters pretending to be real...whatever, the marketing page there has the trailer embedded. Thanks to HorrorMovies.ca guys for the link.

I'm thinking it doesn't look too bad, and not for the reason you might think. Sure Melissa George is in it and there's plenty of other ladies scantily clad, but...but...I'm really intrigued about what they've all got themselves into, experiments? Body parts? The trailer looks pretty exciting.



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