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Watch Severance with live directors commentary

Severance.jpgThe UK horror comedy Severance is showing at the Fanomenon Horror Weekend in Leeds next weekend, and as part of it the director will give a live audio commentary of the film.

According to the official site of the festival, through I Spit on Your Movie, Christopher Smith will give a...

...live commentary of his amazing film. A first for the Festival, Chris will be providing an insight into the making of the film and offering audience members the chance to ask questions during the screening.

How cool would that be? If you are able to get there I would recommend this, it will certainly be a one off experience. What would have been great is if they filmed it, cut it to DVD, and sold it during the weekend. That would be a great little earner too.

If you want to see the special screening, it's on at the The Carriageworks in the Main Auditorium on the 5th November at 18:30. Tickets cost £6.00 or £4.50 with concessions. The whole Fanomenon Horror Weekend runs from the 3rd to the 5th November and carries a number of great horror films - go and have a look, it would be a great weekend.



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