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Watts in Birds and Carter in Sweeny Todd?

NaomiWatts.jpgTwo pieces of casting news which both are quite rumour heavy have come through the news lines today, Naomi Watts to play the lead of The Birds remake and Helena Bonham Carter in Tim Burton's Sweeny Todd musical.

We've already heard the rumour that Sacha Baron Cohen may be joining the Sweeny Todd cast, well now according to Variety through Coming Soon and Obsessed with Film, she's signed up to play the wife of Todd, the murdering Mrs. Lovett.

Other news, this time on the unimaginative remake for Hitchcock's The Birds. According to TMZ.com through Bloody Disgusting and Obsessed with Film, Watts is on for playing the female lead screamer in the film. Another remake of an old classic using modern day special effects and Watts screaming at the helm...oh now there's something familiar...success or failure?



If this is definitely happening, then this is this the 3rd time Ms. Watts is doing a remake. From The Ring to King Kong and now this. She should really be thinking of getting fresh material.

Although it is somewhat lazy casting, I think it's a positive thing. She was great in King Kong and has the perfect attributes to be a modern day Tippi Hedren.

And then of course there is a 4th now with The Painted Veil.


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