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Write lines for Optimus Prime

OptimusPrime.jpgHere's a cracking competition over at the Transformers official site, you can win the opportunity to write a couple of lines of dialogue for Optimus Prime in the upcoming live action Transformers film.

Okay, usual restrictions apply, obviously there's no one outside of the US that buys cinema tickets so it's only the US residents who can enter. Likewise no one under 18 would want to see this, or write a line for the film, so over 18's only I'm afraid.

Submit your line by 12th October and then there's a short voting phase where people can vote on their favourite line until 16th October. Voting closes, winner wins, and they're off to see Peter Cullen record their line.

It's a cool prize indeed, just wish some of us non-US residents could get our hands into it.



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