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Young Houdini tale

HarryHoudini.jpgMagicians seem to be the latest trend in Hollywood at the moment, when there's one film there's always a glut as the studios leap onto the bandwagon. Latest to appear is the idea of a film about a young man who discovers that he is a descendent of the great magician Harry Houdini and sets off to uncover his secrets and take over the great name and tradition.

There are two further trends hidden in this idea, not only is it gathering up on the magician trend, but it's also hitting on the younger Harry Potter audience and the trilogy\franchise. You can just see this becoming a series ever so easily, especially with Potter looking to come to a close soon.

The story from Hollywood Reporter through CinemaBlend says that Mark Waters is to direct, and although he's not an instantly strong choice he's managed to turn around some incredibly dull sounding projects. Does this project hold any interest? I think because there's more of a basis in the real world it might just work out quite well. You can imagine the pitch now, Prestige meets Potter.



I will be interested in a younger Harry Houdini story but a descendant, not really.


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