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Zombies, the Pope and a pickup truck

Sometimes Hollywood just amazes me, and this morning there are three stories which just make me wonder why.

The first is Zombies on a Plane, no it's not one of those jokes people are talking about, this film is really in production. It's called Plane Dead, and the official website looks like a laugh and a half. I didn't have Flash setup on my PC yet (it's halfway through a rebuild) so I couldn't get into it, but HorrorMovies tells us that there's plenty of images there. They also say that George A. Romero was asked to direct but he didn't feel the budget was right. Oh dear, if Snakes on a Plane didn't work, why do they think Zombies will? The tagline is "Un-Dead at 30,000 Feet."

Robert Altman is to direct a film based on the documentary of a competition where people lay their hands on a truck and hold out the longest to win it. Yes, that's really it. Altman has wanted to do the project for years, according to The Hollywood Reporter through Coming Soon.

Finally there's to be a new film about the Pope, a film that's missing all the good and meaty material there is to make a film about the Pope and the Papacy. Instead this tale will be the one of a female pretended to be a male who rises through the ranks of the Church to become Pope. The only redeeming feature is that Franka Potente is in it. This one is also from The Hollywood Reporter through Coming Soon.

Am I missing the point or are these all sounding extremely dull ideas?



No Rich, youre right on the ball.

Plane Dead...now I'm excited.
say what you want, but it reminds me of some of the more schlock horror films of the '80's...and that can't be all that bad.

BTW: the zombies look GREAT!!!
you know, Richard, I just think there are too many artzy smartzy movies out there nowadays. Trying to be politically correct, trying to capture the spirit of some graphic novel like the author intended...

...now and then you just want some dumb crap to watch and either enjoy or not.

Altman doesn't sound like he has much of aspiration in life. I guess that's understandable if you're 80 years old.
Btw, I used to live in Dallas, Texas which held the contest. No, I didn't enter into the drawing. I should have. A truck is a truck. But how long would my bladder hold out :-)

Gee mogulus, your enthusiasm is contagious! :P

No I totally agree Mogulus, but I like crap that entertains me, not that just washes over me. There's a huge middle ground between the two extremes.

Oh and I'd pee myself for a free truck...

I don't know if I agree about the hands on a truck documentary being dull. I'm interested to see the the background stories to some of the people and what drives them to enter a competition where they could spend days, even weeks touching a lorry just to win it. Juts imagine what must go through people's minds when there are two left and they've been there for three weeks. They must go bananas. And how gutting would it be to be the runner up?

I just don't see the drama or the conflict at a level that provides a powerful enough movie. Well perhaps there is, perhaps it could work if it's heavily character based and there's something quite attractive about the characters.

That could work, Richard.
I've read they want Hilary Swank in the movie, so you can guess what the story might pertain. Dirt poor, desperate, struggling white trailer girl in need of a truck really bad, or any vehicle for that matter.
Yup, Altman may have something here.

If the pope film is about the historical (?) Pope Joan, I don't see why that wouldn't necessarily be interesting.


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