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300 Posters, Bee Trailer and The Eye 3

300.jpgHere's a few quick stories. There's a trailer online for Jerry Seinfeld's Bee Movie, some new 300 posters, and an announcement of a director for The Eye 3.

The trailer for Jerry Seinfeld's hugely cast new film Bee Movie is online over at Moviefone through MoviesOnline. Good luck for viewing, as usual with Moviefone I can't play it on any browser.

There are some new 300 posters over at Moviefone through Superhero Hype. Nothing as powerful as before, but some variations on the themes we've seen.

Finally, the The Eye 3 has gained a director, Tsui Hark. This is the third installment of the Asian franchise soon to be seen remade in English with Jessica Alba (22nd July). According to SciFi Wire the plot will tell the story of...

...a woman whose photographer husband is killed in a mysterious diving accident and who is haunted by images of things she has never seen.

I've read some more of this somewhere else (apologies for not remembering) and the woman dreams of a bizarre underwater kingdom before her husband is found dismembered...Oooh...Can it capture the spookiness of the original though? I'm not so sure.



I have to wait till I get home to watch the trailer. I love Seinfeld!

I thought you were already handing out the 300 posters for free! ;D


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