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300 preview footage review online

300.jpgThere's a written review of the preview footage shown of Zack Snyder's 300 the other day, and it sounds as stunning as the pictures and trailer make it seem like. There's nothing negative coming out about this film at all, and the more we hear the better it looks and sounds. I think I'm buzzing more for this film than anything else coming out in the next year.

UK IGN have the review of the brief glimpses, and they are quite detailed. It's well worth a read as they give it incredibly high praise indeed.

Much like Snyder's earlier work on Dawn of the Dead, the direction is muscular and dramatic: He transforms these expository sequences into absolutely invigorating entertainment...the cinematography maintains a passing resemblance to the halcyon imagery of Ridley Scott's Gladiator, but in a more painterly way: The characters, creatures and locations are completely stylized, but feel completely tangible. The film uses some of the same technology employed to bring Sin City to life, but takes it further by adding color and texture that this film's predecessor did not have...

...The impact of these scenes detached from the context of the completed film undermines their intensity slightly, much like special effects shots from action movies not yet seen in their entirety. But Snyder's authoritative understanding of this material -- taking it seriously rather than elevating the melodrama or offering an ironic counterpoint in the acting -- reveals the touch of a filmmaker on par with some of today's absolute best. While he is still largely an interpretive director -- helming material written by others instead of creating it himself -- he understands the right approach to keeping the story compelling and believable, no matter how absurd or strange its underpinnings may seem.

Wow! Those are incredible words to read about a few well chosen scenes, and I mean few, there are four or five from the reading of this review. Surely this has to raise the excitement level even more, and on another side make you even more hopeful that the Snyder planned Watchmen attempt could turn to reality, and a stunningly good one at that.



I'm coming in somewhat late on this entry, but thought you might find Wiley Wiggin's take on the film interesting:


In short: he has issues with the film's apparent rampant militarism and right-wingness. If the film really does lean as far to the right as he thinks it does, then his proposed adapation of Watchmen will indeed be as interesting as he suggests. I actually read the latter for the first time just a few days ago, and am not convinced that it will make a good film, at least not in Hollywood. Magnificent on the page, but I can't see all those ambiguities coming off on the screen.


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