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300 private screening details

Butler300.jpgThere has been a short screening of about half an hour of footage from the upcoming film 300 by Zack Snyder, and a surprise attendee was Frank Miller himself.

According to SciFi Wire, the screening showed never before scenes of the battle sequences, and included a scene for the ladies, Gerard Butler getting down with Lena Headey (there's a joke there) as King and Queen Leonidas. Thank the lord that he didn't have any braces on during that scene.

It also included about ten minutes of the opening seqence as the young King learns to fight against a rather large wolf, along with...

the entry of the Persian emissary into Leonidas' Sparta; the first of several key battles, in which the Spartans rout the Persians; and a bit of a battle between the Spartans and the elite Persian "Immortal" warriors. 300.

Miller appeared at the end of the screening and announced that he thought it was a "Cool movie" to Snyder.

Wow, I'd have loved to have been there, and apparently the crowd were extremely positive of the footage. Frankly I just cannot see this being anything other than a huge success, can you? It looks like a giant step in the careers of the stars involved in the film, particularly Butler and Headey, not to mention Snyder and the crew involved in creating this visually rich comic to the big screen. Did you know that the cinematographer Larry Fong also filled the same role for Hero?



Personally, I wouldn't mind getting beaned in the forehead with Gerry's braces. If that's what it takes to watch Gerry perform a strip-tease, then sign me up!!

As for 300, I have seen many clips/video journals/etc. and can't wait for this movie! The effects look amazing, it's got a great cast, and yes, Gerry's half-nakedness greatly appeals to me.

Hurry up, March!!

Yeah, poor Hilary Swank! ;D


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