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30 Days of Night uses new technologies

30DaysofNight.jpgMelissa George has been talking about her next film 30 Days of Night at the press junket for Fox Atomic's hard horror Turistas, and she's been confirming that there's some new and stylish things coming out of the film.

According to her comments through Bloody Disgusting, they're using a brand new film and process:

...she confirmed that the look of the film is going to be something brand new and that yes, there is a new type of film being used on the project. Somehow this new film allows for the pic to be shot in pitch black and still pick up images.

She also spoke about the vampires on the film, and said that they're going to be something new, in fact nothing like we've ever seen before.

More of the usual "our film is groundbreaking and the best ever" hype, or is this really something to get interested about? I think the latter. There's filming in Alaska, on location, there's Ghost Pictures behind it, there's great source material, there's a great screenwriter Stuart Beattie, and finally a superb director David Slade that we saw from Hard Candy (review).

Imagine that though, a filming process that works in complete darkness. Now coupled with properly calibrated cinema and home cinema screens, there's going to be a huge potential for some wonderfully filmed night time and totally in the dark sequences...Scary stuff indeed.



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