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Aardman Flushed Away by Dreamworks

FlushedAway.jpgAardman have been Flushed Away by Dreamworks, just like their latest film. It has performed incredibly poorly at the box office and after costing some US$145million to make and only returning between US$45 - $90 million they are less than impressed.

So that means, according to news from Variety through JoBlo, that Dreamwork are cancelling their agreement with Aardman to progress such instant classics as Madagascar 2 and Kung-Fu Panda - actually that latter one might just work.

Aardman are now left trying to find a distributor for their latest offering, Crood Awakening. a caveman comedy. I wonder if they will find a distributor, or should they really be concentrating on that fabulous Wallace and Gromit of theirs? Mind you with John Cleese writing it, could this Crood film be a little gem for them?



Strange that I missed this back in November.

I heard Flushed Away was even better than Happy Feet.


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