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Affleck to remake Play Misty For Me?

BenAffleck.jpgBen Affleck is certainly looking stronger than he ever has, but could he really be attempting to remake the film which gave Clint Eastwood his directing start? It's being rumoured that Affleck will remake the classic Play Mist For Me.

So he's done well in Hollywoodland and he's looking like he's going to be on fire in Smokin' Aces (trailer), could this be his next positive step?

According to Dark Horizons through CHUD, he's progressing well with Gone Baby Gone, his own feature directorial debut, and it's getting a lot of positive comments.

Next up, according to the rumour, is the remake of Play Misty For Me. Well the film only received an Oscar nomination for best actress, but it did get Eastwood a lot of praise and recognition, and his directorial career took off from there.

You know as much as my Dad would hate this idea (as he loves that film) I might just side with the sites above, I think it might be a good one if he pulls himself back and keeps it from being turned into a typical modern thriller.

What do you feel about it? Is this a remake that could work, and could Affleck really do it? Is this the upturn in his career it looks to be and will it keep going?



In answer to your last four questions...

No, No, No and No.

Morbius will hate me for this, I havent seen the orginal Play Misty for Me.

Yeah, that's what I thought Morbius.

Well Simone, get that queued up on the rental list.

I already did since you posted this article! ;)


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