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Amy Smart joins Life In Flight

AmySmart.jpgAmy Smart caught my eye in Scrubs, but it was Crank (review) that really made me sit up and notice her. Her career isn't going too well with her appearance in the Smith TV series with Ray Liotta being cut short after three episodes. Now she's set to star in an independent film called Life In Flight alongside Patrick Wilson from Little Children and Hard Candy (review).

Tacey Hecht is to make her directorial debut on the film, there's a little information is available from Variety through JoBlo.

The film follows an architect (Wilson) with a beautiful wife (Smart) and young son who jeopardizes his perfect life with an affair with a colleague.

Sounds okay, and it sounds hopeful for Smart appearing with Wilson in a smaller film. Wilson seems to be propelling forward and is the stronger part of this story, so perhaps he's choosing well and Smart is onto a winner.



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