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Another Déjà Vu clip online

DejaVu_Poster.jpgThere's a new clip for Déjà Vu online and it shows some of the cool time frame gimmicks being used. Here Denzel Washington's character is using time goggles in a car chase that is happening in the present and past at the same time...freaky.

Only problem for me is that the clip is in WMV format and won't play properly on any of my browsers without dropping about fifty frames for every one. I get the odd still frame.

You can see the clip over at MoviesOnline, well hopefully you can. I might drop Michael a note about that and see if he can't put them up in Quicktime instead.

Does it look good? Is it looking promising for the film?



I saw a preview for this movie when I went and saw the Prestige. It actually looks to be quite a thriller...however, the trailer I saw, in my opinion, gave away what I think would have been one hell of a spoiler.

I'm sure good writers can find a way to knock your socks off with another twist based on this premise, but I really think they should have just played up the "mysteriously we think we've done this before" feel without giving away why.

BTW: haven't watched this trailer. I'm assuming it's got pretty much the same stuff in it as what I saw.


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