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Antibodies released this weekend

Antibodies_Poser.jpgAntibodies, or Antikörper, is a superb horror film from Christian Alvart that I was just reminded today will be out in the UK this weekend, I had the great fortune to see it in 2005, and it's superb. I gave it five stars...and that's out of five.

The film is about an infamous serial killer who has just been captured and won't give anything to the police. Hopeful of connecting the killer to the murder of a young girl in his home town, a small town policeman Michael Martens arrives to question the killer. Strangely the killer begins to speak to him and Martens is recruited to help with the interrogation. As they talk there's both a clash and a connection between them, all the police can see is the need for more information while the killer seems to have his own agenda.

Thanks to AITH for reminding me about the UK release this weekend.

This is a superb film and I stated then it was the best of the Edinburgh International Film Festival for 2005, and I'll stick by that. I'm definitely going to see it again and you really should catch it as soon as it's showing near you.

To read up more, have a look through my review of Antibodies - remember I work hard not to include spoilers in my reviews - and have a look at the official site which also carries a trailer. Here's what I said at the end of my review...

...the closing fifteen or so minutes are probably the most suspenseful and exciting I've watched in a long, long time...I thoroughly recommend this movie, especially before the deal is made for a US remake, and it will be, Alvart said as much during the Q&A. So see it now, it's a superb movie with some excellent performances and a very strong script.

Alvart proved here that he's a top class writer and director and was then snapped up to direct Case 39 starring Renée Zellweger and Ian McShane. If Hollywood doesn't chew him up, expect great things from him, and if it remakes the film, hope that he's at the helm. Seriously, I recommend you see this film while it's showing.



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