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Bablling Babel review online

Babel.jpgPerhaps I'm not as intelligent as some, but there's a review of the upcoming film Brad Pitt and Cate Blanchett starrer Babel online and it's about as hard to read as an official Government paper. It also appears to have a very strong negative viewpoint of the movie.

Have a read and see what you think, but with sentances such as this...

Alas, those moments are also unlike anything else in Babel, which stacks contrivance upon contrivance as it tripwires and time-shifts a series of climactic calamities to unfold almost in unison -- an apparent bid to out-intolerant Intolerance.

...or streams such as...

Yet the sentiment is less galling than the narrative contortions that put it across. Arriaga's by-now-predictable jigsawing of his scripts reeks of desperation. His script for Babel offers only ham-handed determinism -- the inevitable outcomes not of imperialist indifference, but of a screenwriter's (one) trick bag.

...although the ending gives us a nice Yoda like comment...

Deserve better they all.

I lost interest reading it during the first chapter. If something is as inaccessible as this then it's probably just not meant to be read. However it is clear to see that the reviewer at Cleveland Scene didn't like the film which is somewhat of a shame. I was hoping that this would be a somewhat intelligent (not to this man's degree obviously) and clever film that had some strong social comments to make about the world we're in.



I thought it was a very good film. There are three separate story strands which intertwine at some point, and I found the Japanese strand overlong and self-indulgent in places, but otherwise the movie was excellent.

Thanks for that Ian, I was going to try and see it at the Inverness Film Festival, but I just can't get the time.

Hmmm, this movie was 99% pointless. The three, highly contrived strands of this disappointing film do eventually inter-twine but to all intents and purposes they have... no good reason to do so. The Japanese 'portion' of the movie left me wondering why it was even included, but to show us how we, by depicting a young 'deaf mute' Japanese school girl (as referred to in the film)indulging in a frivolous drink and drug experimenting lifestyle can easily stereo-type those who we really don't understand. The sex scenes in this film have no bearing on whatever plot there might have been - utterly pointless and degrading... on lots of fronts. Brad Pitt...well! In my humble opinion, this film should have been named after his family... THE PITTS!

Wow, that does sound bad. I was wondering just how this was all going to work and it sounds like it hasn't.

I think I'll still go and see it though, just to see which way it falls for me, good or bad.

Thanks for the update Chris, and glad to see you here. Keep coming back!


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