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Bafta's set for controversy?

BAFTA.jpgGina McKee was nominated for a BAFTA for Best Actress for her role in the film Greyfriars Bobby by the Scottish BAFTA organisation, and then when the jury met they decided not just to award her the honour but to remove her from the nominations before the ceremony.

According to The Scotland on Sunday newspaper through The Scotsman, some members of the jury thought that the film wasn't good and her performance was underwhelming.

This means that come the ceremony there will be only two nominees for Best Actress and poor McKee won't even receive a nomination certificate from the organisation.

The Scotsman describe the process of nomination:

Film companies were invited to put forward initial suggestions for consideration. There were six feature films and eight actresses on the initial lists.

Bafta Scotland then arranged special screenings of the films, several of which were still to come out. The organisation's 400 members were invited to vote for their 'top three', which went forward to the juries.

The official word seemed to close the door quite firmly on any issues raised...

Alison Forsyth, director of Bafta Scotland, confirmed: "When it actually came to the final jury decision, they said, 'We only want to nominate two people.' So that's the end of the story for us. We don't take it any further. It goes into the sealed envelope and it's not discussed any further."

Except that Scotland on Sunday found that a couple of jury members found the decision quite bizarre and that the arguments over the film being included lasted so long that jury members missed their transport home.

Don Coutts, director of the film American Cousins...said: "I don't think that seems fair at all. I have always thought one of the good things about Bafta is one imagines that that area of it is quite democratic. If the Bafta membership choose a shortlist then the jury has to judge that shortlist and deal with it as such."...

Jim Hickey, a former director of the Edinburgh Film Festival, who sat on the jury for best film...said: "We were given the three because that's what the members had voted for and we had to act on what the members had offered to us."

It all seems quite odd and surely she had been nominated by the organisation so all the jury had to do was not vote for her as a winner if they didn't like the film and/or her performance? Surely? To remove her from the nominations themselves just seems a little excessive and sends the clear message that the organisations nomination process is worthless.



I very much agree with your last paragraph Richard, nominate her then give the award to somebody else if they deem her not very worthy of the top prize.


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