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Baldwin wants out of Schwarzenegger documentary

AlecBaldwin.jpgAlec Baldwin wants to be removed from a documentary, Running with Arnold, that he voiced over about Arnold Schwarzenegger's rise to his political position.

According to Dayton Daily News the actor is concerned that they went too far in the attack against Schwarzenegger in the documentary by using footage of Nazi rallies, and despite Baldwin stating that he is not a supporter of the Governor.

"The filmmakers hammer Schwarzenegger over his private behavior and his record as governor...But Schwarzenegger deserves to be treated fairly and the film's images of Nazi rallies were over the line."

In the Huffington Post he went onto write that he had returned his fee, asked for his voice to be removed and asked his attorney to issue a cease and desist order against the filmmakers.

Meanwhile the filmmakers seem somewhat unphased. They claim that they gave Baldwin ample opportunity to see the footage, that he had the script for more than a month. They also state that the images used are a photograph of Kurt Waldheim, the former president of Austria, in his Wehrmacht uniform and an image of the Nazi party paperwork of Schwarzenegger's father. Apparently all other Nazi images have been removed.

The producer, Mike Gabrawy said that the film was going ahead regardless.

It's difficult to know who to believe here, but I think if Baldwin is right about how far the documentary is going, and that he didn't really know that it was going that far, then he's really doing the right thing. Shouldn't he have the right to pull out if he didn't really know?



Alec is no stranger to bad press or saying what's on his mind, so if he thinks the documentary steps across a line he's not comfortable with then I think that is something to consider.

It is a terrible inconvenience for the filmmakers and it will probably cost them more than what they paid him to take his voice off the film and replace it with another. They claim Alec had the script for more than a month - well, scripts and what ends up on the film are two different things. They also claim that he had ample time to view the footage - maybe he did and maybe he didn't.

Perhaps after he viewed the finished film and had ample time to think on it he felt he didn't want to be associated with the project. I think that's within his right. If he waited till the last minute to view the film and then decided to pull his involvement it's still his right even though it's disrespectful to the filmmakers.

If I was the the filmmaker I would probably act similar, but bottom line, do they want to release a documentary who isn't supported by the guy they hired to do the voice over? Do they think that Alec won't bad mouth their doc? I think it might benefit them if they comply.


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