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Baron Cohen joins Sweeney Todd

SashaBaronCohen.jpgSacha Baron Cohen is officially signed up for the role of Signor Adolfo Pirelli in Tim Burton's Sweeney Todd film, he'll star next to Johnny Depp and, if rumour has it, Helena Bonham Carter too.

We heard the rumour in mid-october and I thought it was good news for Cohen as it would be really interesting to see him develop his acting outside of full on comedy. Having seen him in The Jolly Boys Last Stand (review) alongside Andy Serkis I was quite surprised at how well he could drop that comedy act.

The story comes from Variety through JoBlo. Cohen will play another barber and the arch nemisis of Sweeney Todd. Todd and his wife not only shave people, but murder them, chop them up, and sell them in pies. Nice. I've heard of a few hotels doing that kind of thing in my time.

I think there's still a fair bit of full comedy left for him as yet, but that doesn't mean he could pull out a few more serious roles. Still, let's be in no doubt that Burton filming the Sweeny Todd musical isn't going to be Hamlet, there will still be plenty of comedy for him there.



Sweeney Todd is an amazing musical, and Baron Cohen seems like a good choice to play Pirelli. This project looks like it has strong potential. Although Burton seems to be reusing the same actors for everything he does, I'm a fan of Depp and Bonham Carter - I think they will make an excellent Todd and Ms. Lovett.


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