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Barton plays Alice in...Sunderland?

MischaBarton.jpgMisha Barton is set to star in a remake of the classic Alice in Wonderland for a UK film, and this one is bizarrely called Malice in Sunderland as it is set in...well...Sunderland.

Fresh from Jean-Claude Van Damme's latest film Til Death, Simon Fellows is to direct this modern take on the film.

According to Production Weekly, the script has Barton playing an American student who is hit by a London taxi and finds herself in Sunderland where she meets a bizarre group of underworld characters.

Wow, she must have had some journey since London is some 270miles from Sunderland! Sounds quite a bizarre tale and you can see how it could have some potential. Perhaps they will be dropping costumes and odd characters for more real people and transposing the imagery of the story into the harsh underworld of organised crime?



I have never really taken on to this actress.

I'm in agreement with you Simone, I don't care for Misha at all. If we're fortunate her 15 minutes won't last much longer.

I am glad we are in agreement Meli, I'm like, what is all the fuss about this woman? I'd pick Sienna Miller over her anytime!

Oh I'd pick Sienna over many "starlets" in the business these days. I don't think Sienna has had enough acting exposure.

I do like her fashion style too!


[Removed swearing - Richard] GIAN SON!!!!!!!!!!!!

well i actually live in sunderland and to be honest sunderland is a strange little city with well not much potential for a film at all... but i am vagley interested in were he is guna go with this... ill probs try and catch a glimps of meicha as well her acting isnt fantastic, she is hot as [something very hot - Richard], haha


I heard this ages ago but it wasnt misha barton, it was kelly osborne.
Personally i think she would be better anyways.


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