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Batman versus Superman still on?

BatmanvsSuperman.jpgAccording to rumour the idea of the Batman versus Superman film is still on the cards at Warner Brothers, and the news that the current stars of both films have already met on the subject is pretty exciting.

The rumour from a Moviehole source through Comic Book Movie goes something like this:

"Warner are still interested in doing this Batman Vs. Superman thing – always have been. Its always been the plan to do it, but only after Batman and Superman had a couple of solo adventures – so that’s exactly what they’re going to do". Apparently Brandon Routh and Christian Bale have even got together a couple of times to talk about the inevitable match-up.

Now a script and project have been in the pipeline before, but it just never quite got there, so we're waiting to see what will happen next. Could it come to the screen as they say it will? I think we can expect it but only if both series of films continue to keep pulling at the box office, and that Superman picks up on the takings.



i'm all for it .. unfortunately i do dread the horde of marvel crossovers that may follow if this is successful though ..

With the sequel of Superman on his way, the chance is there. Imagine Bale and Routh together?

Clash of Titans :D

I dont like them up against each other, they have to be on the same team!

its interesting to see how people tend to react even when i speak to them of the possibility, responses are so varied to: 'but they're both good' or 'but superman is pretty much god, batman is merely human' etc ..

i like the idea of the detective vs the boyscout
with superman everything is black & white
batman appreciates that there are shades of gray that can be of advantage if used correctly

as for superman being all powerful, well, lets just say kryptonite may be he main weakness but lois *cough* i mean innocent human lives are probably a notch higher ..

in the comic i loved the part where batman gets lois thrown out of the roof of the daily planet to buy himself some time.

anyhow'z .. still looking forward to (Batman Vs Wolverine) the Prestige releasing Wednesday in the UK


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